Develop an awareness among students by building the importance of arts education

Provide a space for children to showcase their interest and talent in performing arts

Promote the integration of cultural arts into rural education, nurturing a lifelong passion for music among students.

Provide a creative outlet, economic opportunity & foster a sense of cultural pride & identity.

Areas of Focus

Community Engagement

Promote culture in rural areas entails fostering active participation among individuals, groups, and organizations in initiatives aimed at preserving, celebrating, and sharing their distinctive heritage. This involves organizing cultural events, maintaining historical sites, preserving oral traditions, documenting artifacts, supporting educational programs, encouraging intercultural dialogue, and advocating for policies that protect cultural rights.

Through these endeavors, rural communities play a vital role in enriching and preserving their cultural identity, ensuring its continuity and appreciation for generations to come.

Arts Education

We will engage individuals, groups, and organizations in initiatives aimed at nurturing creativity, preserving traditional art forms, and fostering artistic expression within these communities. This includes organizing art workshops, supporting local artists, integrating arts into school curricula, providing access to art resources, encouraging community participation in cultural events, and advocating for policies that prioritize arts education.


We will take collaborative efforts between individuals, groups, and organizations to nurture creativity, preserve traditional art forms, and foster artistic expression within these communities. This entails forging alliances with local artists, educational institutions, governmental bodies, and community organizations to organize art workshops.

By leveraging partnerships, rural areas can enhance access to artistic opportunities, preserve cultural heritage, and create a sustainable ecosystem for artistic growth and development.

Women Empowerment

We will focus on empowering women from self-help groups in India, our initiative provides a platform for them to market and sell their produce. Fostering entrepreneurship and economic independence, we aim to uplift rural women, enhance their livelihoods, and promote sustainable development in their communities.

We will catalyze lasting positive change and create pathways to prosperity for these resilient and enterprising women.