At a Glance

Even though India is one of the most rapidly growing economies in the world, the disparity between the availability of basic facilities and overall development in the. urban and rural landscapes are striking.


million people in India are living in extreme poverty in 2020. Majority of this population resides in rural areas.


villages in India lack access to basic sanitation facilities..


villages are not electrified according to the Progress report of village electrification, 2015. Even the villages that are electrified are not getting quality power.


Million Indians are affected by water-borne disease every year out of which, 1.5 million children die due to diarrhoea alone each year.

In our endeavour of nation-building, no individual can be left behind. By enabling community development in rural India, we seek to ensure the holistic development of every individual such that their basic needs of food, shelter, education, and health are met.


Improve the quality of life in villages across India by providing them with sanitation facilities, clean drinking water, healthcare, and education.

Ensure equal opportunities for rural communities, thereby bridging the societal divide between urban and rural areas

Promote active participation of villagers by facilitating transparency and accountability in the decision-making process

Nurture responsible, aware, and empowered individuals by giving them avenues to express their concerns and suggestions

Drive growth, prosperity, and sustainability by reforming the existing village practices to suit the ever-evolving dynamic of the economy

Why Focus on Community Development?


It is important to note that rural development is more than infrastructural changes. It’s about driving a mindset change that makes individuals understand the role enhanced infrastructure plays in overall development. It’s about honing the capabilities of individuals to help build a sustainable and equitable nation. By building sustainable communities, we aim to solve the issues from the root cause to drive change that is here to transform the way rural India contributes to nation-building.

Areas of Focus


In our goal of providing equitable educational and holistic opportunities for girls and boys, we ensure that every child gets the wind beneath their wings to attain success. Scholarships, vocational training, and digital literacy are the three pillars of our programs to meet diverse learning needs and increase the job preparedness of the students.

We will also involve communities and partnerships at the core of our programs, we are keen on empowering the rural youth by fostering a holistic educational system based on equity and inclusion.

Food & Nutrition

We do more than providing meals! Prior to rolling out our programs on food and nutrition, our team accounts for points like food security, nutrition, and agricultural sustainability. We seek to empower rural communities by promoting sustainable farming practices and organic agriculture practices. Our training initiatives are equipped to empower farmers with skills that will generate high yields of nutritional crops with minimal impact on the environment.

We are focused towards creating awareness and educating community members on the subject of balanced diets, nutrition, and the importance of consuming locally grown, seasonal produce. To ensure effective distribution of nutritious food to every household, we collaborate with local organizations and capitalize on technology to achieve optimum results. Our holistic approach emphasizes not only on quantity but also quality and diversity of food.


We aim to build primary centers and mobile clinics in remote areas to enhance holistic healthcare access. We want to prioritize preventive healthcare measures by conducting health awareness campaigns, promoting hygiene practices, and providing vaccinations. For us, maternal and child health holds utmost significance. We plan to work for it by offering training for antenatal care, immunization, and personnel to assist a skilled childbirth.

We want to ensure a stable influx of qualified medical personnel in rural areas. By working in close partnerships with non-profit organizations, community health workers, and volunteers and the government, we endeavor to create a robust network of support.

Employability & Skill Training

Our program prioritizes empowering individuals for employment and economic contribution through comprehensive skill development initiatives.

We seek to bring in industry experts and vocational training institutes who offer industry insights to equip individuals with in-demand skills. We prioritize entrepreneurship development by offering training, mentorship, and access to financial resources for all aspiring entrepreneurs. Simultaneously, we also focus on enhancing digital literacy and technological proficiency to meet current job market demands. By partnering with local industries, we aim to create practical learning opportunities and hands-on experience through apprenticeships. Career counseling, resume building, and job placement support are tools that we offer to bridge the gap between training and employment.

Governance & Civic Duty

We believe in facilitating positive changes that are for the people and by the people via active community participation and accountable governance. Awareness of civic rights and responsibilities along with the need to exercise their voting rights are important to make them feel like a part of the nation-building process.

We will promote inclusive and participatory approaches by organizing community meetings, giving everyone an equal platform to make a difference - including women, thus fostering gender equality. We seek to facilitate capacity building initiatives to enhance leadership skills and promote transparency in local governance.

Basic Communal Facilities

Basic communal facilities such as clean drinking water, electricity, and well-maintained roads are fundamental to our program strategy for sustainable development in rural India. By facilitating implementation of water purification systems, rainwater harvesting, and community-led water management initiatives we seek to ensure access to clean drinking water in rural India .

By prioritizing the construction and maintenance of well-constructed roads, and connecting rural communities to urban centres and markets we are dedicated to bridging the infrastructure gap. Through this, our goal is to enhance the living standards of rural communities, stimulate economic activities, and facilitate social integration.