Our Story

A strong and resilient India needs leaders and doers who can inspire others and transform the country with their actions. At Pratima Foundation, we seek to contribute towards nation-building by bridging the rural-urban divide to achieve holistic development. We plan to achieve this by not only transforming the education system in rural India but also fuelling sustainable community development to support our ecosystem.

Our approach is to shape young minds, build partnerships, engage local leaders, and leverage available resources to develop integrated solutions and eliminate the underlying problems at the grassroots. By combining the strengths of people, power of innovation, and impact-driven policies, we aim to optimize outcomes that will benefit social change and contribute towards nation-building.

An equitable, inclusive, and progressive society can only be achieved when its leaders and stakeholders come from all spheres of life. When the oldest civilisation and culture in the world marries creative innovation and design thinking of the digital age, we can achieve outcomes that will change the way India is perceived on the global map. At Pratima Charitable Foundation, we aim to tap into just that by facilitating social change through sustainable and holistic intervention.


Our Mission

To create positive social impact through innovative and sustainable solutions
To empower communities to drive their own development through capacity building and education
To address the root causes of social issues and promote systemic change.
To collaborate with stakeholders and partners to maximize our impact
To be transparent and accountable in all our actions and decisions
To promote diversity, inclusion, and equality in all aspects of our work